Producing a detailed, complete and fully integrated engineering design of IFMIF and at validating continuous and stable operation of prototypes of each IFMIF subsystem.


In the framework of the EU fusion roadmap implementing activities, an accelerator-based Li(d,n) neutron source called DONES (Demo-Oriented early NEutron Source) is being designed as an essential irradiation facility for testing candidate materials for DEMO reactor and future fusion power plants.


Development of key technologies to push for the Spanish involvement in the construction and operation of the DONES project, as well as other Big Science Facilities.


To contribute to the main critical aspects on the road to fusion energy around DONES and DEMO.


Development of key technologies for the neutron exposed component for the IFMIF-DONES Test Cell.


Mitigation of IFMIF-DONES key technological risks.
The IFMIF-DONES Preparatory Phase project has the aim to elaborate and draft the consortium agreement allowing for the construction of the facility, included in the ESFRI 2018 Roadmap, in the province of Granada.
To support the proposal to build the DONES facility as soon as possible in Granada and to assure a fast start of the project.


Digitization of strategic infrastructures for society in a safe, efficient and sustainable way by developing new sensors and low latency communications technologies together with mechanisms to ensure the security of the critical equipment used.
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