The DONES Users Community is an international scientific community involved in the design, preparation and execution of scientific activities at the DONES multidisciplinary neutron facility, as well as the exploitation of the results obtained in all relevant areas of science and industrial applications. The community encompasses scientists and engineers representing both fusion and non-fusion experiments and applications of DONES.

The “DONES User” may be any person, institution or company interested in the use of unique capabilities offered at DONES.

Each year, a “DONES Users Workshop“ is organized to discuss and propose uses and applications of the facility, report on the progress in the preparation of experiments and identify new ideas and proposals of activities to be carried out at DONES.

The main lines of work of the DONES community are:

  • to discuss and prepare the DONES Irradiations Programme,
  • to agree on the Post-Irradiation Examination Programme,
  • to identify and develop most attractive lines of research activities outside of the materials irradiation programme to be performed at DONES,
  • to prepare conceptual designs of experimental stations and study their feasibility and compatibility with the baseline design of DONES,
  • to prepare a comprehensive DONES Experimental Programme combining fusion and non-fusion experiments.

The community is led by the DONES Users Committee composed of established scientists representing all areas of DONES research activities.

Members of the DONES Users Committee:

Frederik Arbeiter (KIT) – fusion materials and other irradiation modules
Daniel Cano-Ott (CIEMAT) – nuclear physics
Andreja Gajović (RBI) – management of users community
Atsushi Kasugai (QST) – fusion materials
Antonio M. Lallena (University of Granada) – biological and industrial applications
Alain Letourneau (CEA Saclay) – neutron physics
Marek Lewitowicz (GANIL) – nuclear physics and large scale facilities
Adam Maj (IFJ PAN) – nuclear physics
Fernando Martínez Ávila (La Alhambra) – cultural heritage
Gerald Pintsuk (FZ Jülich) – fusion materials
Javier Praena (University of Granada) – radioisotopes and medical applications
David Rapisarda (CIEMAT) – tritium breeding technologies
Michael Rieth (KIT) – fusion materials

Secretaty of the DONES Users Committee: Wojciech Królas (IFJ PAN)

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