(2014-2027) EUROfusion Workpackage WPENS (Work Package Early Neutron Source)

In the framework of the EU fusion roadmap implementing activities, an accelerator-based Li(d,n) neutron source called DONES (Demo-Oriented early NEutron Source) is being designed as an essential irradiation facility for testing candidate materials for DEMO reactor and future fusion power plants. 

The Engineering Design Phase of DONES facility is being developed within the EUROfusion Workpackage WPENS (Work Package Early Neutron Source), which main objective is to be ready for IFMIF (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility)-DONES construction as soon as possible. A large number of Research Units (RUs) around Europe, as well as industry Third Parties, are involved working in different aspects of the DONES scope of works.

Funding from european Framework Programmes: 

FP8 (Horizon 2020) – 2014 -2020

FP9 (Horizon Europe) – 2021-2027

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