IFMIF-DONES celebrates the commissioning of the “sister project” JT-60SA

IFMIF-DONES celebrates the commissioning of the “sister project” JT-60SA

On 1 December, the fusion energy industry celebrated its latest significant milestone: the inauguration in Japan of the JT-60SA, the world’s largest and most advanced tokamak fusion reactor.

The inauguration ceremony, held in Naka (Japan), brought together Kadri Simson, EU Commissioner for Energy, and Masahito Moriyama, Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, together with a multitude of Japanese and European authorities, including Spanish representatives. Our director, Ángel Ibarra, attended the event and expressed his satisfaction with the launch of this international project with many links with IFMIF-DONES.

JT-60SA , together with IFMIF/EVEDA, the prototype phase of IFMIF-DONES, is one of the significant milestones of the Broader Approach Agreement, a scientific collaboration between the European Union and Japan to promote the advancement of fusion expertise through various projects.

Spain has played an essential role in developing the JT-60SA through CIEMAT and several Spanish companies

Photos: Fusion for Energy

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