WiD (Women in DONES)

The Women in DONES (WiD) is a group specifically created to promote and spotlight the contributions made by women in the DONES Programme. This initiative aims to highlight the fundamental role of women in the development of the DONES Programme, their relevant contributions in the area of fusion energy and in other scientific areas in which the project will have an outstanding contribution.

The Women in DONES group is dedicated to fostering connections and providing support among its members. It establishes a space where women involved in the project can connect, share their experiences, and build a sense of community.

This community not only facilitates networking but also encourages the sharing of knowledge, creating synergies that enable members to tackle new challenges, acquire new skills, and maximize opportunities within the DONES Programme. Through collaborative efforts and mutual support, the Women in DONES group seeks to strengthen the role of women in advancing the facility’s development and showcase their noteworthy contributions to the field.

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