Contract for two pre-doctoral positions in Fusion Energy Science and Technology

  • Publication date: Monday 11 de July de 2022

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The call for two pre-doctoral positions for Fusion Technologies at the Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), a Spanish reference centre in the field of Nuclear Fusion, has been published.

Detailed job description:

  • Study of advanced radiofrequency techniques for the IFMIF-DONES accelerator.
  • Study radiofrequency techniques for diagnostics of the IFMIFDONES lithium target applicable to nuclear fusion devices.
  • Study, design and simulation of radiofrequency and microwave components.
  • Development and experimental characterisation of prototypes.

Detailed job description:

  • Design and prepare liquid metal samples in porous and solid models for OLMAT exposure.
  • Design, preparation and monitoring experiments were exposing liquid metal samples in porous structures and solid samples to pulses of high thermal loads in the OLMAT device.
  • Analysis of experimental results of pyrometry (surface temperature), total temperature increments, fast optical chamber…
  • Thermal simulation/fluid dynamics of liquid metals in porous structures and design of cooling systems (e.g. beam dump) for the OLMAT experiment.

More information on the call, functions and submission deadlines here.


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