Webinar ‘Fusion: strategies, roadmaps and development programmes’ in the context of IFMIF-DONES organised by CDTI

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The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology in Spain (CDTI) has organised within the framework of the Big Science Business Forum 2022 the webinar ‘Fusion: strategies, roadmaps and development’. In this webinar a step ahead will be taken to identify the technologies that will drive different organisations’ future projects, analysing strategies for the future and research and development programmes, and how industry can get involved in early phases of development and implementation of fusion energy.

A strong programme accompanying research and innovation is needed alongside ITER and DEMO. An essential element in this resect is the realisation of a test facility, called IFMIF-DONES, for validating materials to be used in the harsh conditions of a fusion power plant. There are also challenging technologies being developed by innovative companies that could be paramount in the future of fusion energy. All these aspects will be addressed at this webinar organised by CDTI.

Link to webinar: https://eventos.cdti.es/EN/fusion_111121

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