We present the book “Accelerators, humanity and the Universe”

“The particle accelerator can also be considered the most complex, sophisticated, and magnificent machine that the human mind has ever designed and built. There are other great constructions that are part of human heritage, such as the temples, the pyramids in Egypt, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia or the Great Wall in China. They are all sets of stones, often beautifully carved, is true, but inert and immobile, which will eventually erode over time. The accelerator is a machine that is working, usually running day and night for years, with impeccable reliability and chronometric repeatability. This requires the involvement of many engineering disciplines at the highest level, in addition to some of the more abstract physics”.

This text is part of the book “Accelerators, Humanity and the Universe” prologue, written by Phu Anh Phi NGHIEM, CEA researcher. The publication, co-published by the IFMIF-DONES España Consortium and the University of Granada Publishing House, has been translated into English and Spanish. It was launched during the sixth edition of the Gravite Festival.

The presentation was made by María Isabel Cabrera, Director of the UGR Publishing House; Juan Carlos Saiz-Martín, CIEMAT; and Moisés Weber, Deputy Director of the IFMIF-DONES España Consortium.

The book can be downloaded from our and UGR Publishing House web pages.

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