UPM Big Science seminar on large scientific infrastructures analyses aims and opportunities to participate in IFMIF-DONES

The Technical University of Madrid’s initiative seeks the promotion of direct participation in large scientific infrastructures

UPM Big Science, an initiative by the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) devoted to large projects and scientific infrastructures, organised last November 27 the online seminar on Future scientific infrastructures: IFMIF-DONES and other opportunities for UPM in the energy field. The aim was to offer a framework of participation in new large scientific infrastructures focused on energy, including the already existing facilities.

 Representatives of institutions such as the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, CDTI or CIEMAT participated in UPM Big Science. The Technical Director of IFMIF-DONES and Head of the Fusion Technologies Division at CIEMAT, Ángel Ibarra, presented an overview of the objectives and funding opportunities for this scientific project to be built in Granada.

Ms. Inmaculada Figueroa, Vice Deputy Director General for the Internationalization of Science and Innovation at the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, Ms. Ana Belén del Cerro, contact person with the industry sector for ITER, Ms. Vanesa Ramos, Technology Project Manager and Manager at KIM in Madrid, and Mr. José Manuel Perlado, Emeritus Full Professor at Instituto de Fusión Nuclear (IFN) ‘Guillermo Velarde’ and member of UPM Big Science also attended the seminar.

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