The Science Park of Granada continues with IFMIF-DONES outreach events

IFMIF-DONES talk. Image, courtesy of The Science Park of Granada

On March 3 the auditorium of the Science Park of Granada hosted a new informative talk titled “IFMIF-DONES: The key to the energy of the future”. This session was part of the “Science in everyday life” course of the UGR’s Permanent Open Training Classroom. On this occasion, the talk was given by María Luque and Santiago Becerril, project engineers at IFMIF-DONES. Throughout the presentation, they provided an overview of how the project is organised and managed, they tried to bring the public closer to the concept of IFMIF-DONES, its function and its main components. 

The attendees were thus able to learn about one of the main challenges of our time, the search for new sources of environmentally sustainable energy, including the fusion of hydrogen isotopes. The construction of future fusion plants requires, among other important scientific and technological challenges, the development of new materials capable of withstanding the extreme conditions to which they will be exposed. 

The large audience showed great interest, as was shown by the number of questions raised after the talk during the round table in which the engineers José Aguilar, Claudio Torregrosa and Moisés Weber also took part. 

The Science Park of Granada continues in this way with its important support in the dissemination of the activity of IFMIF-DONES España, bringing the project closer to the public through various events and talks. 

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