The physics of accelerators, explained for all ages at the Gravite Festival inaugural day

Science starred in the inaugural day of the 4th edition of the Gravite Festival in Granada, dedicated this year to the third culture, and with time travel as its leitmotif. Moisés Weber and Iván Podadera, from IFMIF-DONES España, presented the manual ‘The physics of accelerators… through the physics of everyday life and the Universe’, written by the prestigious scientist Phu Anh Phi Nghiem.

The talk, aimed at all audiences, took place in the Science Tent, in a panel moderated by Gustavo Gómez, Co-director of Gravite. This literary event also became the link between the Granada Book Fair and Gravite.

Gravite is a multidisciplinary festival with a popular character that vindicates that third culture that fuses science with arts and literature. With time travel as the main theme, Gustavo Gómez and Jesús Lens launched the festival in 2018. IFMIF-DONES España has been involved in the festival since its beginning and the previous edition devoted its inaugural talk to the project. Ángel Ibarra, Director of IFMIF-DONES España, addressed its impact on the local, national and international environment.

Jesús Lens, founder of the Festival, whom we interviewed for the IFMIF-DONES website during the 2021 edition of Gravite, recently dedicated a few lines to the project in the local newspaper Ideal (Granada).

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