The King of Spain highlights IFMIF-DONES as a “major work project”

The King of Spain, Felipe VI, described the particle accelerator in Escúzar (Granada) as a “major global project” during the presentation of the Rei Jaume I Awards, which took place today in Valencia.

“Spain has major global projects, such as IFMIF-DONES, which will contribute from Granada to the development of fusion energy,” said the monarch during his speech.

During his speech, the King called for the promotion of public-private collaboration in R&D&I after warning that, although “many goals remain to be achieved”, Spain cannot afford to “ignore the important scientific and technological milestones” that it has reached, to a “considerable extent” thanks to this collaboration. He stressed that investment in R&D&I is “a priority” and, although he said that Spain could be “satisfied” with this, it cannot “fall into complacency” and that it must “continue to improve” incentives for business innovation.

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