The IFMIF-DONES project, featured at the 4th Scientific Conference organised by the School of La Asunción

Moises Weber, coordinator of the DONES-PRIME Programme to build the first buildings and laboratories of IFMIF-DONES and Daniel Sánchez, coordinator of configuration and integration of designs and 3D models, were in charge of the opening talk of the IV Scientific Conference organised by the School of La Asunción in Granada.

The event took place in the school’s Assembly Hall on April 19 and was attended by around 100 students from the 3rd and 4th ESO groups. Weber and Sánchez spoke about the project, the development and manufacturing of the particle accelerator to be built in the province of Granada. It is aimed at studying nuclear fusion processes, and it is expected to have an economic and social impact that goes beyond the scientific aspect.

The purpose of the 4th Scientific Conference held at the Colegio La Asunción was to share and value the work of local researchers on various current topics, with special emphasis on encouraging new scientific vocations in the school’s pupils. To accomplish this, the teaching staff in charge of organising the event arranged a series of conferences with attractive titles such as “Mathemagic”, “Curiosity online” or “The secrets of language”.

In addition to the visit of the members of the IFMIF-DONES team, the centre also welcomed the participation of several IT companies from the PTS, who brought their day-to-day research and development activities to the classrooms. In addition to the talks, the students participated in several workshops related to robotics and 3D.Co

School of La Asunción posted a video about the Conference on their Facebook Profile:

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