The future of IFMIF-DONES, committed to science students of the province of Granada

Within the framework of the Science Week, an informative talk was organised at IES Pedro Soto de Rojas in Granada last May, promoted by teacher Alonso Gijón. Daniel Sánchez, Coordinator of configuration and integration of designs and 3D models, and Iván Podadera, Deputy Coordinator of accelerator systems, were in charge of this talk, adapted to a group of first year upper secondary school students.

Approximately 50 participants attended the talk, which began with the projection of the IFMIF-DONES introductory video. The speakers then explained the objectives of nuclear fusion and how the main elements of the facility (accelerator, lithium, test) work, with the support of one of the samples that could be tested at the facility at a later date.

As previous activities that take place in training centres in which the IFMIF-DONES España team has participated, a few minutes were devoted to highlighting the importance of the project for the province of Granada. A perspective of what the future can hold for the attendees in terms of professional opportunities.

At the end of the talk a question-and-answer session was opened. The students showed great interest and expressed their doubts about the technical and organizational aspects of the project and fusion energy in general. The students also asked questions about the most suitable fields of studies with a view of being able to work at the facility in the future.

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