The Cluster of the Nuclear Industry in Cantabria organises an online event on large scientific facilities and IFMIF-DONES

The Director of the project, Ángel Ibarra, described the project and milestones for the construction of the facility

The Cluster of the Nuclear Industry in Cantabria (CICN) celebrated last 11th of November an online session about nuclear industry in large scientific infrastructures. One of the presentations was devoted to the particle accelerator IFMIF-DONES project. The Technical Director of this Project and Head of the Fusion Technologies Division at the National Fusion Laboratory in CIEMAT, Ángel Ibarra, described the main technical features of IFMIF-DONES, their importance in the European strategy towards fusion energy and the progress made in the last months, highlighting the support and international consensus achieved.

In addition to IFMIF-DONES, the experimental nuclear fusion reactor ITER and the European Spallation Source (ESS) were also addressed at the event organised by CINC. The session emphasized the opportunities offered to the nuclear industry sector by these large projects.

Besides Ángel Ibarra, Mario Pérez, Executive Director at ESS-Bilbao, and Belén del Cerro, representing the Space, Large Research Infrastructures and Dual Programmes Department at CDTI also participated in this event.

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