Relevance and opportunities for industry participation in the DONES project

CDTI organised a conference focused on the collaboration between Singular Science and Technology Infrastructures (ICTS) and the Spanish science industry

During the Science Industry Day organised by CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) on April 26th, Ángel Ibarra, Director of IFMIF-DONES España, had the opportunity to explain how in the case of the DONES project a special effort was made since the beginning to promote the participation of industry.

The programme of the conference was designed with the aim of providing the Spanish industry with a unique forum in which to learn about the strategic investment plans of the Spanish ICTSs in particle physics, astronomy and fusion. Ibarra was part of the panel “Investment opportunities of ICTS and other fusion infrastructures” together with Carlos Hidalgo, Director of the National Fusion Laboratory – CIEMAT.

The Director of IFMIF-DONES highlighted how DONES has made a special effort from the beginning to promote the participation of industry. He also outlined the significant participation of industry in the project’s activities to date.

Thus, more than 90% of the Spanish contribution during IFMIF/EVEDA was developed by Spanish companies. On the other hand, industry is participating in the activities related to the engineering design of the project (essentially in the framework of the WPENS and DONES-PreP projects). The implementation of collaborative projects with industry has also been strongly promoted (e.g. in the ACTECA, FUSION FUTURE, EVO or NEXT projects in the framework of different CDTI calls).

The Science Industry Conference was held under the title “Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures: Collaboration and supply opportunities for Spanish industry in the areas of particle physics, fusion and astronomy”. Organised by CDTI and the INDUCIENCIA Technology Platform, with the collaboration of the UPM, it took place in Madrid on April 26th at the UPM School of Industrial Engineering.

Ángel Ibarra’s presentation as well as those of the other speakers are available on the CDTI website.

Contribution of ICTS to the development of the Spanish science industry

Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) are Spanish infrastructures that enable cutting-edge scientific research and technological development of the highest quality. These infrastructures also contribute to the development of the Spanish science industry, the industrial sector that collaborates in the design and manufacturing of components, systems and subsystems for construction, and maintenance of national and international scientific infrastructures.

Over the next few years, the national ICTS network will make important investments for its updating, development of scientific instrumentation and new services. The aim of the conference is to foster collaboration between the ICTS and the Spanish science industry, sharing the strategic investment plans and the associated technologcal challenges of the most relevant scientific infrastructures.

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