Professor Fernando Cornet presents IFMIF-DONES Project in Almuñécar

Vice-Rector and Professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics and Cosmology of the University of Granada, Fernando Cornet Sánchez del Águila, has presented the IFMIF-DONES Project at the Cultural Center of Almuñécar (Granada). The Vice-Rector informed about this technological initiative and its evolution and development.

During the talk, the Vice-Rector reviewed the status of the project and explained in detail the latest advances related to the particle accelerator. In this regard, it was highlighted the special effort being made and the significant achievements reached so far.

The IFMIF-DONES project is developed under the framework of an ambitious program that the European Union is implementing to develop fusion as a source of energy, in an international cooperation with China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States, partners in ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor).

This presentation, celebrated at the Cultural Center of Almuñécar, is the first of a new series of conferences organised by the department of culture of the City Council of Almuñécar. These conferences are organised through the local Library within the framework of an agreement between the City Council of Almuñécar and the University of Granada.

Fernando Cornet Sánchez del Águila is Full Professor in the Faculty of Science at the University of Granada in the aforementioned Department. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in physics, he completed his doctoral thesis supervised by Albert Bramon i Planas. Fernando Cornet has an impressive CV as both an academic and physicist, is the author of many publications in both research articles and books.

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