Primary school pupils, conscious about the future of energy

The teachers of CEIP Abencerrajes (Granada) wanted to bring the IFMIF-DONES project closer to their primary school students. On this occasion, Iván Podadera, accelerator systems engineer, and Rubén Lorenzo, control systems engineer, gave a short talk at the school on April 21st.

The children, aged between 11 and 12, first watched the IFMIF-DONES presentation video, which, despite being conceived for an adult audience, was very well appreciated. This introduction led to the next presentation delivered by the speakers, who talked first about fusion energy, and later about the three parts that make up IFMIF-DONES (accelerator, lithium and samples). Podadera and Lorenzo used at all times examples adapted to the students’ age and displayed some electronic components.

Children showed great interest and interacted with the speakers. Also, thanks to the educational work of the centre, the group was already familiar with the role and importance of renewable energies. For this reason, this topic was main focus of the question time in which students showed great curiosity.

The IFMIF-DONES team thus strengthens the dissemination work of the project, relying on the efforts made by the schools in the province of Granada, which are doing an excellent job in promoting the ongoing research and future challenges of science in the field of energy, with a commitment that begins at an early age.

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