Multiplying scientific vocations

We are passionate about popularizing science. For this reason, we are grateful for the invitations we receive from schools to give talks to their teachers and students.

On 21 March, Antonio Moreno, an engineer from IFMIF-DONES, participated in the orientation days at the El Carmelo school (Granada). There, he explained his professional career and current work to the students in the 2nd year of Baccalaureate. Moreno studied at El Carmelo, so the audience received his experience from him as a former student very well.

For his part, Pablo Canca, a researcher at the University of Granada who works at IFMIF-DONES, gave a lecture last February at IES Ganivet (Granada).

“Our institute’s interest in inviting IFMIF-DONES lies in the facility’s importance as a world-class research center and a technological pole at a stone’s throw from Granada, which can offer professional opportunities in the facility and in companies in the surrounding area,” say those responsible for this educational center.

The educational ecosystem augurs well for the scientific future of Granada and Andalusia, and we are proud to contribute to it.

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