Moisés Weber outlines the relationship between the IFMIF-DONES project and Fusion Energy at the Educational Center Reina Isabel in Granada

With the collaboration of Casa Japón Granada, the Educational Center Reina Isabel in Granada welcomed the participation of the IFMIF-DONES España team, with the aim of collaborating in the dissemination of the project. Moisés Weber, member of the project’s management team, was invited for this purpose. Weber offered a comprehensive and detailed presentation on the fusion processes and the contribution that the facility to be built in Granada will bring to these.

The large audience, amongst which were Antonio Arrabal, Mayor of Escúzar, representatives of the University of Granada, the Metropolitan Park, students and teachers from the centre and many others, had the opportunity to learn in detail about the tests that will be carried out once the particle accelerator, which Weber referred to as an “ambitious model”, is up and running, and which is now known that it will be able to be built with guarantees. There was also time to illustrate the collaboration between Spain and Japan during the IFMIF/EVEDA project, in which the speaker took part, with anecdotes that captured the interest and sparked smiles from the audience.


The Educational Center Reina Isabel describes itself as a Training Centre focused on creating an educational model that goes beyond the issuance of official basic and advanced vocational education and training diplomas. It is committed to activities like this one, in which the IFMIF-DONES España team is delighted to be involved in to promote the dissemination of the project with the professional qualification in the branches of science. As Weber pointed out during his talk, “this is a project that is made up of human beings”, and meeting with those who could become part of the team in the future is a source of great satisfaction.

If you are interested, you can view the complete talk on the Educational Center Reina Isabel website (in Spanish):

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