Marta Serrano and Rebeca Hernández from the Materials of Energy Interest Division of Ciemat, protagonists of DONES Meeting #05

On 24 June, the School of Civil Engineering of the UGR hosted the fifth meeting of DONES Meeting series, dedicated on this occasion to topics related to miniature specimens, degradation in steels subjected to irradiation, fusion materials and material modelling techniques.

A specialised seminar with contributions from Marta Serrano, head of Ciemat’s Materials of Energy Interest Division, and Rebeca Hernández, researcher in Ciemat’s Materials of Energy Interest Division. This Division belongs to Ciemat and its objective is to evaluate the behaviour of structural materials in power plants, including nuclear power plants, both fission and fusion, concentrated solar power, fossil and others.

After the presentations by Serrano and Hernández, there was a roundtable regarding the fusion materials and modelling techniques that can be used in a project such as DONES.

In addition, in order to facilitate a discussion between all participants, a panel discussion was developed with the participation of Rafael Vila, Rafael Gallego and Roberto Palma. The following video shows the full session for all those interested:

The session is part of a series of monthly meetings launched by IFMIF-DONES Spain under the name DONES Meetings. They are held in both onsite and online aiming at facilitating greater cohesion between the teams working in favour of the development of fusion energy. The DONES Meeting #06 will take place on 23 September in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Sciences of Granada, and will deal with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality with a view to its use in IFMIF-DONES. In this context, a seminar entitled “May Valeria be with you…” will be given.

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