Learning and fun in the Science Week organised by IES Bulyana

Science justifies “why things happen”, “there is science behind all magic” or “learning and fun”. These were some of the slogans employed during the 8th Science Week organised by IES Bulyana (Pulianas, Granada), in which the IFMIF-DONES project was present with José Aguilar, Coordinator of the Technical Office.

The main purpose of the talk given by Aguilar was to explain what the project consists of and how it is positioned within the development of fusion energy. The students were thus able to learn about the main fundamentals of such and understand that the research carried out in Granada is part of the attempt to reproduce what occurs in the Sun.

Throughout the week, the students took part in a series of practical workshops in which they were able to carry out various experiments and learn about different ways of producing energy in a fun way. The activities were enthusiastically received by the participants, which is proof of the school’s good work.

Both the talk and the science conferences designed by IES Bulyana are a great incentive for secondary school students to focus their college studies on the field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics). The IFMIF-DONES team is delighted to be involved with the encouragement of these future vocations.

For all those who may be interested, IES Bulyanas published a video summary of the conference on their website.

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