IFMIF-DONES, the necessary link

The Coordinator of the IFMIF-DONES Technical Office, José Aguilar Medina, participated in a conference organised at Centro Cultural Contemporáneo La Madraza. The Coordinator emphasized that this Project ‘is a necessary step in the path towards fusion power plants’, enabling the study of the materials in an environment similar to that of future reactors and ‘will act as a necessary link to generate fusion energy’.

This project will soon be a reality and it will be located in Granada. Thanks to the agreement between Croatia and Spain and the support of Fusion for Energy and EUROfusion, Granada became the European candidate to host IFMIF-DONES. This site is considered perfect for the construction of this unique facility, with a total area of 100.000 square meters.

Aguilar explained that it is expected to build ‘a unique infrastructure’. Therefore, in addition to its significance for the development of fusion as a source of energy, ‘this facility will be of major importance for other research and knowledge areas that will benefit from its technology’, such as medicine, particle physics, elementary physics or the industry and many other sectors and applications.

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