IFMIF-DONES seminar in Italy: an opportunity to expand the international positioning of the project

Italy can contribute significantly to the technical and industrial implementation of the project

This online international gathering was organised at a moment in which the individual contributions of different countries are being defined. In this sense, ENEA and INFN (Italy) are evaluating possible in-kind contributions in the fields of design and technological development, enabling the participation of Italy’s industry sector through public procurements. Italy’s contribution could be around €60-70 million, for a period of 7 to 10 years.

The webinar about IFMIF-DONES, which took place last December 2021 -more information here-, had a high level of attendance, with the presence of Italian industry and other sectors with the capabilities to address the needs of the fusion materials radiation facility. This initiative was organised by Piemonte Agency, in cooperation with ENEA, INFN and ILO Network in Italy.

The event was attended by the Italian national industry from the sectors of high technologies and technologies for nuclear fusion, as well as by a Spanish delegation led by Ángel Ibarra, Director of IFMIF-DONES España. The participants showed a strong interest in the DONES project, who agree that ‘Italy can make a significant contribution in the technical and industrial implementation of the project’.

The participants announced their intention to support ENEA and INFN in promoting the project at the government level. To this end, ENEA and INFN requested a letter of support from the participants to the project for its presentation to the Italian government and the beginning of 2022. The contribution model envisaged and shared by all is that the Broader Approach, in which Italy contributes in kind to the industrial and technical implementation through the involvement of the Italian industry supported by ENEA and INFN.

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