IFMIF-DONES, recognised at the IV Science and Innovation Awards in Granada

Granada, through its mayor, Francisco Cuenca, acknowledged on 10 March the efforts of the scientific community to achieve the arrival of IFMIF-DONES.

“A reality that places us as one of the most important scientific capitals in Spain and will crystallise on 16 March with the first international summit of the highest governing body of the DONES programme, which will bring together fourteen EU countries and Japan”, highlighted Cuenca during his speech.

The councillor made these statements at the IV City of Science and Innovation 2022 Awards ceremony, during which he presented special mentions to Rafael Rodrigo Montero, Secretary General for Research until 2021, and Ángel Ibarra Sánchez, Director of the IFMIF-DONES Consortium and researcher at the National Fusion Laboratory of the Centre for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (Ciemat).

After receiving the award, Ángel Ibarra thanked the Granada City Council for this distinction and Ciemat and the University of Granada for all their support. “I hope that this week we will be able to give you good news about the future of this scientific infrastructure,” added the IFMIF-DONES director about the first meeting of the DONES-Steering Committee that will take place in Granada on 16 March.

If you want to know how the ceremony occurred, click this link.

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