IFMIF-DONES, protagonist at the Transfiere Forum

The director of the IFMIF-DONES Spain Consortium, Angel Ibarra, moderated the round table “IFMIF-DONES and Large Scientific Facilities: an opportunity for industry”, which took place on 21 March at the Transfiere Forum.

The meeting was attended by Belén Del Cerro (CDTI); Loreto del Valle Cebada (Junta de Andalucía); Manuel Garcia-Munoz (University of Seville); Erik Fernández Escudero (Ineustar) and Ignacio Salcedo (Greening Group).

During the introduction of the debate, Ángel Ibarra thanked the alignment that both public administrations and industry are showing with IFMIF-DONES.

Ana Belén del Cerro highlighted the benefits that Large Scientific Facilities, such as IFMIF-DONES, bring to the countries where they are based.

For his part, the general director of Ineustar, Erik Fernandez said: “The driving force and the transformative potential that IFMIF-DONES can have in the province of Granada is enormous but proactive action is needed to make this impact on Andalusian industry and Granada a reality”. “Not since the Alhambra has such a large investment been made,” joked the director of Ineustar, who insisted on the need for proactive action.

For her part, Loreto del Valle, Director General for Research Planning of the Andalusian Regional Government’s Department of University, Research and Innovation, said that IFMIF-DONES “represents an enormous opportunity, but also a responsibility. The Administration can play a coordinating role”.

The same concept of “tractor project, not only in Andalusia, but also in Spain”, was used by Manuel García Muñoz, director of the Laboratory of Plasma Sciences and Fusion Technology of the University of Seville.

Ignacio Salcedo, CEO of Greening Group, for his part, expressed his confidence that this scientific facility “will light the way for industry”, explaining that it must be private enterprise that leads the extension of the impact in the area.

After the round table, the director of the IFMIF-DONES Consortium, Ángel Ibarra, and the coordinator of the Technical Office, José Aguilar, held a working meeting with representatives of the Granada Chamber of Commerce and other institutions also present at the Transfiere Forum.

You can see the video summary of this edition here.

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