IFMIF-DONES, present at the Nuclear Safety Council’s annual R&D&I Day

The Nuclear Safety Council held its annual R+D+i Day on 1 February. The session, which was opened by the president of the regulatory body, Juan Carlos Lentijo, aims to promote debate and dissemination of the numerous research projects financed and coordinated by the regulator. During his speech, Lentijo stressed that “innovation is imperative for any organisation that wants to look both to the present and the future” and pointed out that those institutions that do not practice it run the risk of being left behind. In 2022, the CSN had a budget of 2,730,000 euros to allocate to R&D&I.

The CSN has 74 projects underway through 44 agreements and 30 subsidies thanks to a series of improvements contemplated in the new R&D Plan from 2021 to 2025.

During the presentation of CSN research projects, the nuclear engineer Claudio Torregrosa, responsible for implementing IFMIF-DONES, spoke. His intervention was “Modelling of Accident Scenarios and Safety Systems of the IFMIF-DONES Facility for the definition of Confinement Requirements”.

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