IFMIF-DONES participates in the Hadron Beams Workshop

Last week, CERN hosted the presentation of the IFMIF-DONES facility and its diagnostic systems during the Hadron Beams Workshop. This biennial symposium brought together experts from the world’s foremost particle accelerators and high-power targets: CERN, Fermilab, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, FRIB, Los Alamos, KEK, J-PARC, ESS, RAL, PSI, CSNS and LIPAc, among others. Claudio Torregrosa, coordinator for integrating instrumentation and diagnostics, spoke on behalf of IFMIF-DONES.
During this scientific meeting, advances in the state of the art in beam dynamics, new accelerators and modes of operation, commissioning, diagnostics and beam-matter interaction devices were presented and discussed.
IFMIF-DONES presented the facility’s design, the challenges associated with target diagnostics and irradiation modules, and some of the technological solutions under development.
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