IFMIF-DONES in the opening ceremony of Gravite Festival

This multidisciplinary festival will organise its third edition next 15th to 20th of June

The third edition of the Gravite Festival in Granada will take place next 15th to 20th of June, with an opening session about IFMIF-DONES. Ángel Ibarra Technical Director of IFMIF-DONES and Head of the Fusion Technologies Division at CIEMAT, will participate in the opening session of this multidisciplinary festival that will take place at Parque de las Ciencias in Granada and will be broadcasted through video streaming.

Ángel Ibarra will address strategic aspects of this large scientific infrastructure, the impact of the particle accelerator in the local, regional, and national environment, and its role in the international race towards fusion energy.

The directors of Gravite, Gustavo Gómez and Jesús Lens, consider a ‘privilege’ for this festival the opportunity to bring closer this scientific project to society in Granada, which will surely benefit ‘Granada and the rest of the world’.

Gravite is a multidisciplinary popular festival with time travelling as the focus that was first organised in 2018 by Gustavo Gómez and Jesús Lens. Gravite is sponsored by Caixabank and CajaGranada Fundación. Other collaborating entities are Hotel Alhambra Palace, Parque de las Ciencias and Emucesa, among other companies, and individuals.

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