IFMIF-DONES España starts recruitment of scientific, technical and administrative staff

The IFMIF-DONES España consortium has published its first calls for applications. The open selective processes are contained in a total of three calls for applications. One of them includes five open-ended contracts and the other two open-ended positions for scientific and technical activities. These two calls are completed with a third one which includes a pre-doctoral contract for the development of a thesis on aspects related to IFMIF-DONES.
Those interested in applying for these job opportunities can obtain all the information at the following link:

IFMIF-DONES is a scientific facility whose objective is to operate a neutron source to qualify materials for use in future fusion reactors. In DONES, a particle accelerator will produce a 125 mA deuteron beam (D+), accelerated up to 40 MeV energy, which will impact a 25 mm thick liquid lithium curtain flowing at 15 m/s. 
The reactions in the lithium target, upon impact of the deuteron beam, will generate a high-energy neutron flux of sufficient intensity to simulate neutrons in a fusion reactor. This neutron flux will be used to irradiate material samples located immediately behind the lithium curtain in the test modules.

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