IFMIF-DONES arouses great interest among secondary school students


The IES Arabuleila, in Cúllar Vega (Granada), hosted a talk on IFMIF-DONES. The coordinator of the Technical Office, José Aguilar, held a meeting with secondary school students during the Science Week organised by this centre in February.

The presentation was very well received by the students, who showed great interest in the process of solar energy as well as the multiplier effects that the installation of the largest scientific infrastructure in Spain will have in the province.

In addition to this activity, the Science Week was completed with another conference on Magnetism, given by a professor from the University of Granada, who spoke about the formation of aurora borealis, solar weather and its effects on daily life, the functioning of the Earth’s magnetic field and sunspots.

With this type of initiative, the IES Arabuleila brings science closer to its students, with special emphasis on the need to collate information without a scientific basis.

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