IFMIF-DONES and the UGR celebrate the second edition of the DONES Xcitech School

IFMIF-DONES and the University of Granada are organizing the DONES Xcitech 2024 school, which will take place from 21 to 26 April in Granada. These conferences are aimed primarily at postgraduates and professionals from various disciplines who want to deepen or enter the ‘Big Science’ industry and large scientific facilities, the main themes of the school.

This year, DONES Xcitech is organizing three independent courses: one on DONES (DONES in Depth), another on fusion technologies (From ITER to DEMO), and a third on the legal framework and project management in Big Science (Legal Aspects and Procurement in Big Science Projects). The courses will be taught by leading researchers and professionals in the fields to be covered.

A parallel outreach programme on related topics for the general public will also be held, with presentations on the future of fusion energy and the revolution it represents.

The main venue for DONES Xcitech will be the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la UGR, in the Campo del Príncipe, although activities will also take place in different parts of the city and the University, such as Carmen de la Victoria.

All the information is in this link.

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