Slovenia shows great interest in participating in IFMIF-DONES

The Slovenian Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Igor Papic, conveyed to the director of the IFMIF-DONES España Consortium, Ángel Ibarra, his country’s interest in participating in the IFMIF-DONES scientific project. This information was communicated to him during the bilateral meeting held on 23 June in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The Slovenian minister also wanted to know in detail the future steps needed to define the Slovenian contribution to the DONES Programme.

The meeting took place during the presentation of the IFMIF-DONES project to the Slovenian scientific and industrial-technological community. In addition to Angel Ibarra, Tonci Tadic, director of the DONES-HR Consortium, which is responsible for Croatia’s contribution to IFMIF-DONES and a leading member of the Ruder Boskovic Institute (RBI), also took part in the event.

The director attended the day, several researchers from the Jožef Stefan Institute, and representatives of around 20 Slovenian companies from different technological fields. The meeting concluded with a visit to the Triga fission reactor, a scientific infrastructure of interest to the DONES Programme.

Slovenia was one of the countries participating in the DONES Steering Committee meeting in Granada on 16 March.

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