‘DONES Baseline Review’ boosts project internationalisation

The DONES Baseline Review, which consisted of a detailed analysis of the design status of the project by a panel of renowned experts from outside the project, took place in Granada on 2-3 October. The outcome was successful, and they recommended the implementation of the international Programme Team, this outcome will be presented at the next Steering Committee meeting on 26 October in Granada. This review will provide additional assurance to the countries that are deciding to join the project as well as the European Commission, marking this as an important milestone.

The panel of experts was composed of Marek Lewitowicz (GANIL-SPIRAL2 y Chairman del Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee -NuPECC), José Miguel Jiménez (Director Tehcnology Department at CERN), Elena Gaio (Former Coordinator RFX activities for JT-60SA), François Javier (Radiation Safety Responsible Officer en ITER), Atsushi Kasugai (National Institutes for Quantumm and Radiological Science and Technology japón) y Rolf Heuer (former Director General of CERN y chairman del European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors).

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