Colloquium about IFMIF-DONES with neighbours and entrepreneurs of Escúzar organised by the European project DONES-PreP

The Director of IFMIF-DONES, Ángel Ibarra, addressed socioeconomic aspects of the facility and answered the attendees’ questions

Neighbours and entrepreneurs from Escúzar, the town where the IFMIF-DONES particle accelerator will be built if it is finally decided to be constructed in Europe, were gathered last April 22 at an online colloquium to discuss in depth this large scientific infrastructure and its socioeconomic impact.

The Technical Director of IFMIF-DONES, Ángel Ibarra, presented the project from a technical perspective, described in detail its objectives and the socioeconomic aspects it entails, key in the race towards fusion energy. Ibarra answered to the questions posed by the attendees, most of them focusing on the impact on employment in Escúzar, the job profiles that will be required in the different phases of the project, the implementation deadlines, and other aspects related to auxiliary infrastructures.

The colloquium was organised within the framework of the DONES-PreP project and coordinated by Zaida Núñez Troya, member of said project. The session included a panel of discussion in which the Mayor of Escúzar, Antonio Arrabal, and the Director of the DONES-PreP initiative at the University of Granada, Antonio Peña, also participated.

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