Artificial Intelligence, key to he development of IFMIF-DONES

Raúl is the name of the virtual partner of the team of people working on IFMIF-DONES. His public presentation occurred during the conference given by José Aguilar, coordinator of the Technical Office, at Talking about Artificial Intelligence (#TAIGranada), held last week in Granada.

Aguilar talked to Raúl about different issues, including how the particle accelerator could be related to Federico García Lorca.

This example is just one of the many applications of artificial intelligence at IFMIF-DONES, as is the case of Valeria, a laboratory that develops virtual models of the extensive scientific infrastructure of Escúzar (Granada). Other topics discussed during the conference were supercomputing, the digital twin, robotics and other cutting-edge technologies.

You can watch the full video of José Aguilar’s speech here.

Photo and videos: TAI Granada

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