Andalusian Parliament expresses its support to Granada’s candidacy to build IFMIF-DONES

The Bureau of the Andalusian Parliament adopted an institutional declaration stressing the potential of the province of Granada and its support to the candidacy of the IFMIF-DONES particle accelerator in Escúzar. This declaration, which will be read in the next plenary session of the Parliament, describes this infrastructure as the decisive boost that will place the Andalusian community in the centre of technological advance in clean energy.

The declaration by the governing body acknowledges that IFMIF-DONES will find in Andalucía the technical requirements, institutional commitment and university, business, and social support necessary to guarantee its successful implementation.

The Bureau of the Andalusian Parliament also noted the broad scope of this project, with potential to attract thousands of scientists and boost science in Andalusia, becoming a significant actor in research at the international level.

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