Andalusian Association of Civil Engineers visits IFMIF-DONES site in Escúzar

The IFMIF-DONES Consortium and the Andalusian Association of Civil Engineers have organised a technical visit to the site in Escúzar where IFMIF-DONES is planned to be built. This is the first of a series of technical visits for different professionals to the site where the scientific infrastructure will be built, arranged by the IFMIF-DONES Consortium for the promotion of the candidacy.

The visit by the Association of Civil Engineers proves the interest in the infrastructure of the society in Granada, the support of which is crucial to guarantee the success of the candidacy.

The visit comprised two parts. First, there was a technical presentation of the project by Jose Aguilar and Antonio Moreno, engineers at the IFMIF-DONES Technical Office. The roadmap towards nuclear fusion, the role of the particle accelerator to achieve a clean and unlimited source of energy and the industrial and professional opportunities that the design, construction and operation phases of the facility will offer were also addressed.

The questions posed by the visitors were addressed by the Technical Office. Moisés Weber (CIEMAT), Leonardo Nanía (UGR) and the Mayor of Escúzar, Antonio Arrabal, also participated in this visit.

The President and Manager of the Metropolitan, Industrial and Technological Park in Escúzar, Carlos Infanzón and Sergio González, accompanied the visitors during the presentation, which took place in the main building of the Park.

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