Active scientific production around IFMIF-DONES

IFMIF-DONES continues to be the subject of numerous specialised articles. The two publications reviewed below are an example of the ongoing scientific production of international research groups on the future particle accelerator in Escúzar (Granada).

This paper, published in Science Direct, presents an analysis of the maturity of the IFMIF-DONES design and the activities necessary to increase it to the level required to start the procurement phase. The analysis has been performed using a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) methodology.

The results of the TRL assessment for the accelerator, lithium and test systems of the facility are presented together with a brief summary of the most relevant validation needs identified.

In turn, this document published in JACoW, describes the current CAD management approaches and methodology followed in the project to coherently organise the Structures, Systems and Components (SSC) throughout the life cycle of the facility, facilitating the identification of possible inconsistencies and interferences in the design as early as possible to actively resolve them and accelerate the development of the project towards a ready-to-build state, minimising future construction, commissioning and operation problems and associated cost overruns.

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