A meeting with Polish companies and institutions promotes the participation in the IFMIF-DONES project

The event also allows to identify the areas for a possible Polish contribution

On September 17, an Infoday, organized by CERN and Wroclawski Park Technologiczny SA, was held at the Zielna center in Warsaw (Poland).

This initiative consists of a meeting with companies, research centres and other institutions related to the Polish energy and technology sector with the aim of spreading the DONES project and promoting the participation of these entities with contributions in kind. In addition, it was aimed at identifying if there were any areas of possible Polish contribution that had not been identified.

After welcoming and raising the goals of the workshop by representatives of the host Administration, Ángel Ibarra, director of the IFMIF-DONES project, presented the project and offered a general description of the DONES Preparatory Phase (DONES-PreP), including some ideas for possible future Polish procurements. Next, the present and future Polish participation in IFMIF-DONES was presented and Belén del Cerro announced the activities that will take place at the 2020 Big Science Business Forum at CDTI and in Poland. The event ended with B2B meetings, where Ángel Ibarra attended different institutions that showed interest in his presentation.

In addition, Valentín Molina (UGR-OFID) had the opportunity to converse with different Polish participants, both private companies and research centres, and conveyed to them the total availability of the OFID of the University of Granada for the development of the IFMIF DONES project.

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