El Instituto de Física Nuclear de la Academia de Ciencias Polaca oferta una vacante en el Departamento de Estructura del Núcleo Atómico (Inglés)

  • Fecha de publicación: Viernes 10 de julio de 2020

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Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences announces one vacancy for the Structure of Atomic Nucleus Department.


PhD degree in Physics; at least a several-year experience in experimental nuclear spectroscopy with neutron and ion beams; demonstrated ability to prepare in-beam measurement projects using a neutron beam.


  • Preparation of a catalogue of possible experiments addressing fundamental scientific problems in the field of nuclear physics using a 40 MeV pulsed high-intensity deuteron beam and a pulsed beam of neutrons, which can be available at the DONES facility.
  • Identification of the required infrastructure and conditions.
  • A conceptual feasibility study of said experiments based on Monte Carlo simulations.

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