(2022-2025) Research on Big Science Facilities Industrialization

Strategic objective: Optimization of the facility operation and maintenance

Foreseen activities:

  • White Rabbit + TSN based high performance synchronization
  • Smart Electric System (AI + Micronetwork modelling)
  • H2 + Supercapacitors based Emergency power cell
  • Lithium purification systems and techniques
  • Safety Critical parts monitoring
  • Low cost / fast commissioning
  • Cybersecurity tools
  • AI based Smart Assistant (anomalies, predictive maintenance)
  • Quantum computing for AI applications
  • Immersive & gestural tele-control of quadruped based robotic arm + hand
  • Quadruped robot based BIM and Thermographic surveillance
  • AI based Post Mortem Analyses Assistant
  • High frequency LLRF (GHz)
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