Interview with Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, President of the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Regional Government)

“IFMIF-DONES promotes the vision of Andalusia as a technological pole”

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The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, is convinced that IFMIF-DONES will synergise globally between institutions, companies and universities. Andalusia's incredible capacity to host the largest scientific and technological infrastructure in our country plays in its favour. In his opinion, the particle accelerator's influence on numerous industrial sectors will make it an international benchmark. Moreno Bonilla considers this project "strategic", as evidenced by the unwavering support it has received from the administrations from the outset.


Work begins on IFMIF-DONES, the largest scientific and technological infrastructure in Spain

The works to build the first three buildings of IFMIF-DONES have started in the Metropolitan Park of Escúzar (Granada). After the signing of the staking out of the works, held on 15 September, the first works on the plot have begun with the installation of the fencing and auxiliary services and the first excavation works.
The works, promoted by CIEMAT, will be carried out by the construction company EDHINOR, under the supervision of SAN JUAN ARQUITECTURA. The works have a completion period of 12 months and a budget of around 11.5 million euros.

IFMIF-DONES Users Workshop

The IFMIF-DONES User Workshop took place by videoconference on 26 and 27 September. It was opened by Pablo Cortés, Secretary General for University, Research and Innovation of the Andalusian Regional Government, and by José Ignacio Doncel, Deputy Director General for Scientific and Technological Infrastructure Planning of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Tender for the construction of the UGR-DONES Centre

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The new centre will be built in the Escúzar Metropolitan Park (Granada) and has been planned to bring together research groups from different areas (Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Computer Science, etc.) that will develop lines of research to promote the generation of knowledge and optimise the possibilities of using the accelerator's infrastructure.

The DIBA project analyzes the cybersecurity of IFMIF-DONES control systems

OnTech Innovation has coordinated this industrial research initiative, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and developed by the companies Orolia, JTSEC, Aaron and the University of Granada. The consortium formed to carry out DIBA has developed a project for digitising critical signals through low latency communications, based on high-performance synchronisation, with direct application to IFMIF-DONES.

Marta Serrano and Rebeca Hernández from the Materials of Energy Interest Division of Ciemat, protagonists of DONES Meeting #05

DONES Meeting #05 was devoted to miniature specimens, degradation in irradiated steels, fusion materials and modelling techniques. The Division of Materials of Energy Interest belongs to Ciemat. Its objective is to evaluate the behaviour of structural materials for power plants, including nuclear power plants, fission and fusion, concentrated solar power, fossil and others.

Virtual Reality, the protagonist of DONES Meeting #06

"May Valeria be with you..." was the title of the first presentation, given by Jesús Garrido, head of the Virtual Reality (VR) Laboratory for remote manipulation at DONES. A round table followed this on the possibilities that Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality can offer IFMIF-DONES.



Meet Claudio Torregrosa, coordinator of the integration of instrumentation and diagnostics in the most complex systems.

Claudio Torregrosa (Alicante, 1989) is an industrial engineer specialising in Nuclear Technology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He also holds a PhD in Engineering from the UPV. Torregrosa emphasises the importance of the construction of IFMIF-DONES for both Granada and Spain within the international scientific community.


Secondary school students from IES Padre Manjón get to know IFMIF-DONES through virtual reality

The International Baccalaureate students and the 1st Baccalaureate students of the scientific-technical itinerary of IES Padre Manjón received the visit of Jesús Garrido, Kornél Varga and Martin Rouret, all of them members of the Valeria laboratory and in charge of the development of virtual environments for IFMIF-DONES at the University of Granada. The students were enthusiastic about the possibility of using these new technologies and getting close to such a relevant scientific infrastructure.

The future of IFMIF-DONES, committed to science students of the province of Granada

The wide range of professional opportunities that will arise as the construction and commissioning of the IFMIF-DONES facility progresses over the next few years was one of the topics discussed during the informative talk given by members of our team at the Rafael Reyes Secondary School in Cartaya (Huelva).

Secondary school students from the city of Huelva receive a visit and learn about the project

The wide range of professional opportunities that will arise as the construction and commissioning of the IFMIF-DONES facility progresses over the next few years was one of the topics discussed during the informative talk given by members of our team at the Rafael Reyes Secondary School in Cartaya (Huelva).

Moisés Weber outlines the relationship between the IFMIF-DONES project and Fusion Energy at the Educational Center Reina Isabel in Granada

The Centro de Formación Profesional Reina Isabel (Granada) wanted to count on the presence of the IFMIF-DONES Spain team to collaborate in the dissemination of the project. For this purpose, it invited Moisés Weber, one in charge of the project. Weber gave a complete and specialised presentation on the fusion processes and what the contribution will be from the facility to be built in Granada.

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