Rogelio Velasco – Regional Minister for Economy Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities of the Junta de Andalucía

‘A complex endeavour such as the development of fusion energy can certainly benefit from combining the efforts worldwide’

The Regional Minister for Economy Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities of the Junta de Andalucía, Rogelio Velasco, considers IFMIF-DONES a strategic project and an opportunity to transform the region into a national and international example in knowledge and research, especially concerning clean and unlimited sources of energy. The Regional Minister explains Andalucía has to build an innovation and research environment that will respond to the IFMIF-DONES' demand of highly qualified staff.


First Governing Council meeting of the Consortium to support the construction of IFMIF-DONES in Granada

The Consortium to support the construction of the IFMIF-DONES particle accelerator in Granada held its first Governing Council meeting on July 5, in which both the action plan and budget for 2021 were passed. Ángel Ibarra was appointed as Acting Director of the Consortium in this meeting.

Andalusian Parliament expresses its support to Granada’s candidacy to build IFMIF-DONES

The Bureau of the Andalusian Parliament adopted an institutional declaration stressing the potential of the province of Granada and its support to the candidacy of the IFMIF-DONES particle accelerator in Escúzar.

The Director of the IFMIF-DONES Consortium reports the progress of the project to the Government Sub-delegate in Granada

The Director of the IFMIF-DONES Consortium, Ángel Ibarra, has had a work meeting with the Government Sub-delegate in Granada, Inmaculada López, in which the progress of the project was reported.

IFMIF-DONES at the European Researchers’ Night in Granada

    The IFMIF-DONES particle accelerator has been present this year at the European Researchers’ Night celebrated in Granada. With a space at the University of Granada’s (UGR) stand, dissemination activities were organised oriented to students and the general public interested in this large scientific infrastructure that Granada aspires to build.

    IFMIF-DONES and the Spanish Center of Pulsed Lasers organise ‘Fusion-a2 hacia el futuro’ event

    Approximately 50 researchers, scientists, and representatives of public bodies and of the Spanish Industry of Science participated in the event ‘Fusion-a2 hacia el futuro’ organised by the IFMIF-DONES Consortium and the Center of Pulsed Lasers (CLPU) in Salamanca (Spain). The event aimed at analysing the role of these two large facilities in the race towards nuclear fusion and explore ways of cooperation.


    Tony Donné – EUROfusion Programme Manager

    ‘Europe is leading the international fusion effort’

    Tony Donné, Program Manager of the EUROfusion research consortium, explains in this interview the challenge of managing an organization that coordinates the fusion energy development efforts of 28 countries and the EU's contribution to this long-distance race .



    Technical Director of IFMIF-DONES participates in the ESFRI Open Session

    The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) celebrated last September 22 its second session to discuss the European Green Deal. This online meeting is part of the 77th ESFRI Plenary. The Director of the IFMIF-DONES Consortium, Ángel Ibarra, presented the particle accelerator project.

    IFMIF-DONES at the Applied Nuclear Physics Conference

    The Applied Nuclear Physics (ANP) Conference 2021 (Prague, September 12-17, 2021) included in its program an online session on ‘Facilities for complementary physics experiments at the IFMIF-DONES fusion neutron source’ presented by Wojciech Królas, researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (IFJ PAN) in Poland, partner in the DONES Preparatory Phase project.

    PhDiaFusion Summer School of Plasma Diagnostics addresses IFMIF-DONES

    The particle accelerator was one of the topics addressed at the PhDiaFusion Summer School of Plasma Diagnostics celebrated between September 20th and 24th in Niepołomice Royal Castle, in Poland.

    RBI addresses opportunities of fusion technology at the Power and Energy Masters Conference in Croatia

    The Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) participated last June 9 in the Power and Energy Masters Conference in Croatia. The conference organised jointly the 14th International Symposium Power and Process Plants and the 9th International Forum on Renewable Energy Sources.


    Zaida Núñez, DONES-PreP member

    ‘Nothing will ever be the same again for Escúzar’s neighbours after IFMIF-DONES. We are fulfilling our duty by listening and taking them into consideration’

    Zaida Núñez work in IFMIF-DONES has focused on the evaluation of the perception of Escúzar’s neighbours of the future infrastructure, key for the implementation and decision-making process in the medium term.
    zaida pequeña



    Andalusian Association of Civil Engineers visits IFMIF-DONES site in Escúzar

    The IFMIF-DONES Consortium and the Andalusian Association of Civil Engineers have organised a technical visit to the site in Escúzar where IFMIF-DONES is planned to be built. This is the first of a series of technical visits for different professionals to the site where the scientific infrastructure will be built, arranged by the IFMIF-DONES Consortium for the promotion of the candidacy.

    New section in the IFMIF-DONES website for companies with interest to participate in the project

    The IFMIF-DONES website recently created a new section where companies, institutions and educational centres interested in participating in the particle accelerator project can contact the project directly.


    Accelerating towards fusion: The LIPAc accelerator

    The seventh installment of our informative articles on nuclear fusion analyzes the construction and commissioning of the LIPAc accelerator in Rokkasho, Japan, an infrastructure whose demanding power, energy and current requirements pose a huge challenge to design and develop equipment and components, with a technological demand that is at the frontier of knowledge




      The Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie / Center d'Etude de l'Energie Nucléaire (SCK CEN) is one of the largest research centers in Belgium, a leading institution in the field of nuclear energy that works on technologies that guarantee the safety of existing nuclear facilities, increase the safety of future plants and protect people and the environment.

      Centre of Energy Research (EK)

      The Centre for Energy Research (EK) was established in January 2012 on the basis of two former independent institutions: the Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Institute of Isotopes. In 2015, the Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science became part of EK. Its missions include nuclear energy research and nuclear power plant safety analysis.

      Learn more about the IFMIF DONES project

      Looking for more information from the project? Visit our IFMIF-DONES website.
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